Acute Treatment Unit (ATU)

The Acute Treatment Unit is a 15-bed inpatient facility for men and women 18 years of age or older who are in an emotional crisis or have a psychiatric need. The ATU provides a safe and secure environment for individuals who do not require hospitalization or an extended length of stay. 

Staff can work more closely with each individual, providing Dialectical Behavior Therapy skills groups, individual and family meetings, and, if indicated, medication evaluation and management.  Each person collaborates with staff to create a treatment plan and that is updated throughout their stay. 

Our services

Upon admission, the ATU team works with individuals to determine what community resources they may benefit from; oftentimes including ongoing physical and mental health care.  

Family involvement is encouraged, and with permission, will be consulted with about their loved one’s recommended follow-up services. The average stay at the ATU is around five days, and individuals are provided with meals and snacks throughout the day, hygiene necessities, a laundry facility, and journals with writing materials.  

Although the ATU is staffed by nurses and a psychiatric prescriber, it is licensed to provide only psychiatric services, and is unable to provide medical services to those individuals who may also have major medical problems for which they require additional assistance. Individuals who are violent and require restraint are not suitable for the ATU, as well as individuals who are intoxicated, withdrawing from substance use, immobile, or incontinent.

Visitation Guidelines

  • In-person visitation for the ATU is between 4:00pm – 5:00pm and Zoom visits are between 6:00pm – 7:00pm. Phone calls can occur by calling Health Solutions’ main line (719) 545-2746 and asking for the ATU.

  • From there (and with the client’s permission), calls will be directed to the ATU client phone.  Family and friends are welcome to bring their loved ones items during their enrollment at the ATU, however items like belts, clothing with strings, razors, electronic devices, spiral notebooks, aerosol sprays, blankets, stuffed animals, and outside food or drinks will not be permitted.

Acute Treatment Unit

1302 Chinook Lane, Pueblo, CO 81001

Phone: 719.545.2746  |  719.543.2394