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Comprehensive Healthcare Services

Health Solutions is a not for profit health treatment provider offering comprehensive healthcare services in eight different Colorado facilities spanning three counties; Pueblo, Huerfano, and Las Animas. Clients participate in developing their confidential wellness plan with the help of an expert continuity care professional and cover areas of medical, behavioral, and wellness services. At Health Solutions our providers think both traditionally and nontraditionally about your healing and development options to provide you the widest scope of medical alternatives available to you.

Personal plans cover provider led healing solutions and may include emotional support services, therapy, medications, education, behavioral change, community support, employment services, and care coordination in conjunction with standard medical treatment. At Health Solutions, we know your health is personal and that individualized care is key to your success. We empower individuals with custom health tools to take their growth and healing to the next level.

Health Solutions provides care at our citywide office locations, at home, in school, at the workplace, and/or at other appropriate locations. Health Solutions also provides 24/7/365 crisis services for those in need. Health Solutions is licensed by the State of Colorado, and governed by a citizens’ board of directors. Our mission is to make available a range of affordable and quality community-based comprehensive health services.

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