Services at Family Center


Early Childhood Program

  • Early Childhood Programming provides:
    • Direct services and therapy to clients and their parents.
    • In-home and community-based consultation services for families, educators and integrated service providers.
    • Referrals to parenting groups or outpatient treatment.
    • Psychiatric assessments and consultation.
    • Our teams are embedded in over 60 early childcare centers and preschool classrooms throughout Pueblo, Las Animas and Huerfano Counties, reaching a population of over 1,200 children and youth with an age range of infancy to 8.

What is an Intensive Outpatient Program?

  • IOP is a 4 hour per day, 5 days per week, comprehensive group therapy program for youth designed to meet the needs of children who have experienced early childhood trauma and are struggling with mental health issues.
  • This program involves the use of multiple treatment modalities and offers additional structured support with the goal of helping to avoid higher levels of care. It is well known that early childhood trauma impacts social and emotional functioning in traditional academic settings, at home and in the community, placing these children at risk for future inpatient, residential and day treatment
  • IOP can also be a less restrictive treatment alternative for children stepping down from inpatient, residential or day treatment who continue to need more intensive mental health services than can be offered in traditional outpatient settings.
  • All clients enrolled in the program are expected to participate in Family Therapy with their primary caregivers so that the skills learned in IOP can be transferred and reinforced at home for greater retention.

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