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Health Solutions – Consumer First Health Care at its Best

Health Solutions is a premier wellness center that focuses on treatment of the whole person. Our goal is to help you live a longer, happier and healthier life through confidential, comprehensive healthcare. Known for high quality healing results, Health Solutions offers expert services in medical, behavioral, and wellness that can assist you in building a stronger mind, body, and soul.

Our friendly staff and streamlined treatment processes make receiving health care services an enjoyable experience. Once you become our client, your continuity care professional will help you direct a lifelong health and wellness plan that helps you live life to the fullest.   Whole health is a welcoming approach that minimizes treatment delays, offers easy care access while keeping an open mind about traditional and nontraditional options to achieving optimal health.

Discover what consumer first health care is really about with Health Solutions as your guide. Our confidential healing programs help you lead the improved life you have been searching for.

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• Primary Care Practice
• Integrated Primary and Behavioral Health Care
• Sports Physicals
• Vaccinations
• Parenting Classes
• School Based Services
• Early Childhood Services
• ADHD Clinic
• IOP Summer Programs
• High Fidelity Wrap Around
• Home Based Care
• DSS in Home Services
• Youth Drug and Alcohol Care
• Behavioral Health Services
• Substance Use Treatment
• DUI Education and Treatment
• Domestic Violence
• Domestic Violence Victim Assistance
• Homelessness Assistance
• Crisis Services
• Acute Treatment Unit
• Short Term Residential Respite
• Vocational Rehab
• Career Services
• Care Coordination
• Community Access Recovery
• Mobile Early Intervention Services

• The Living Room
• The Learning Center
• Acute Treatment 23 Hour Observation Service

Health Solutions is a healthcare organization in development in Pueblo, Las Animas, and Huerfano counties. Health Solutions, formerly Spanish Peaks Behavioral Health Centers, is evolving into a comprehensive healthcare service organization which includes: medical primary care services, physical therapy specializing in non-pharmaceutical pain management, community wellness education, activity education and therapy, horticulture education and therapy, employment services, opioid treatment clinic, and yes, full spectrum behavioral health services.

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Health Solutions is proud to announce our partnerships with local and national programs. Click here to view our partners!