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What is Care Coordination?

Health Solutions believes that care coordination is critical in redesigning how you experience medical care. Because of our integrative health care approach, Health Solutions assigns a care coordinator to elevate and manage the collaboration of your health care providers.  Your team of medical providers or Patient Aligned Leaders (PAL), work in tandem with your designated care coordinator to give you one stop access to your health diagnosis, screening, and planning.

Your care coordinator will organize patient care and activities, timely communicate results, testing or other patient information with your entire PAL team to aid you in receiving safer, more effective higher-value health care.  At Health Solutions, we offer well-designed targeted care coordination as a key strategy in exceeding your healthcare expectations.

Your Coordinator will:

  • Promote teamwork and establish accountability amongst your medical providers
  • Manage your care health plan
  • Communicate about medications
  • Assist you with health information technology
  • Provide you with a home for all your patient-centered medical needs
  • Establish plans for transitions of care
  • Develop a proactive care plan
  • Monitor patient follow up and respond to patient needs
  • Support patients self-management goals
  • Offer and align community resources to support your development

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