About DUI Services

Crestone Recovery offers comprehensive and affordable DUI Services that are licensed by the Colorado Division of Behavioral Health (DBH). Classes and therapy are available at a variety of times and days for your convenience.

DUI Level I Education for DUI/DWAI

Our Level I Education is a 12-hour education program designed for first time offenders with minimal, if any, problems other than impaired driving associated with alcohol or other drug use, who have no prior offenses, no prior diagnosis of substance use or substance dependence, and no other problems related to alcohol and other drug use.

The main purpose of this class is education and prevention of further problems related to alcohol and other drug use.

DUI Level II Therapy for DUI/DWAI

The Level II Therapy courses are taught following a Colorado Division of Behavioral Health (DBH) approved impaired driving offender program. Topics covered include stress management, improving communication skills, patterns and behaviors, and strengthening personal relationships.

Moreover, this class further discusses thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors as they affect substance use treatment, as well as using increased awareness to prevent relapse and recidivism.

Track A: 42 hours/21 weeks
Track B: 52 hours/26 weeks
Track C: 68 hours/34 weeks
Track D: 86 hours/43 weeks

DUI Level II Education for DUI/DWAI

Additionally, Level II Education courses are 24 hours in length and taught following a DBH approved education curriculum. These are information-based classes designed to increase awareness of how thinking, attitudes and belief’s affect decision making in all aspects of an individual’s life, especially where drug and alcohol use are concerned.

Basically, these classes focus on Colorado’s substance use and driving laws, the effects of substance use regarding personal choices and consequences, physical health, risky behaviors, and driver safety.

DUI Services Pricing

*Please contact us for prices for other services. The Crestone Recovery Program accepts all types of payment including Medicaid, credit card, and cash

Prescriber onsite for referrals and for medication to help reduce alcohol use.

  • DUI Level I Education is 6 weeks long, and DUI Level II Education is 12 weeks long, 2 hours per group
  • Group manuals will need to be purchased for Education and Therapy there are separate manuals so clients will end up purchasing a manual for each group
  • DUI Level II Four Plus clients will use outpatient mandated treatment rates

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