School-Based Services

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School-Based Behavioral Health Services is a collaborative effort between Pueblo area school districts and Health Solutions that promotes positive behavioral health for students and their families.

Our therapists can provide focused, short-term treatment to students with emotional, behavioral, or substance abuse problems. They will also work with school staff, parents, and guardians in coordinating intervention and treatment services for these students.


Skilled therapists are available at District 60 and 70 Elementary, Middle, and High Schools throughout Pueblo County.


Make an appointment to see a therapist at one of the schools we serve if you’re feeling or experiencing any of the following:

  • Overwhelmed or stressed
  • Anxious
  • Depressed
  • Angry
  • Being bullied/afraid of school
  • Having no friends
  • Having problems with parents
  • Substance abuse problems
  • Difficulty with your school work
  • Suicidal

Parents and teachers are usually able to understand and deal with the biological and social changes that come with adolescence, but the psychological changes often leave them confused, angry, or frustrated as they interact with the adolescents in their lives.

As adolescents make a shift between childhood and adulthood, they too are confused, angry, or frustrated. They often find themselves pulled in two directions, seeking their independence, while still requiring support and guidance from the adults in their lives, yet not always willing to admit to that need. Plus, they are dealing with fluctuating hormone levels, changing moods, and a certain uneasiness about finding acceptance amongst their peers. If they have some behavioral health issues, their lives clearly become more complicated and difficult not just for themselves, but for everyone who interacts with them.

School Based 4

Parents and Teachers

  • Make a referral to this program if you observe any of the following behaviors in your teens:
  • Unable to follow directions, stay on task, or concentrate
  • Displaying bullying behaviors
  • Being withdrawn from other students and regular school functions
  • Exhibiting angry or aggressive behaviors
  • Inflicting self injuries
  • Being overly anxious, stressed, or fearful
  • Appearing to be depressed and disinterested in school activities
  • Displaying hyperactive behavior, or unable to sit still for class
  • Exhibiting impulsive behaviors
  • Having an apparent difficulty in making/keeping friends
  • Trouble with authority; threatening others
  • Suggesting life is not worth living; suicidal thoughts or actions


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