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Clinic and The Spirited Kid Group

The Health Solutions ADHD program is designed for children ages 5-10. The Spirited Kids Group is the follow up to participation in the ADHD Clinic. Health Solutions uses an integrated treatment approach, including a psychiatrist, nurse, therapist, teachers, and other caregivers. Caregivers are expected to attend parenting portions as an essential part of the ADHD clinic, and will receive information concerning positive caregiver approaches and skills to deal with the impulsive, forgetful, and sometimes disruptive behavior that the spirited child presents with in their daily living.


Purpose of the ADHD Clinic

  • Provide parents and other caregivers with an assessment and diagnosis of the kids who participate.
  • Provide information to caregivers about what ADHD is and is not, about intervention techniques that stress both support for the child and self-care, and general information about medications.
  • Provide basic social skills to the participating kids.

Purpose of the Spirited Kid Group

  • Provide social skills training to the participating kids through activities and discussion.

The Program Process

  • A child may be referred by the parent, a caregiver, the school, a primary care physician, a social service agency, or a clinician to be evaluated for an ADHD condition. If the client meets in admission criteria, the child will be placed in the ADHD clinic. Two ADHD clinics are offered each month.
  • The ADHD clinic is a week long process consisting of three sessions for the child and three sessions for the caregiver. The sessions will be scheduled on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 7:30 am to 8:30 am.
  • The ADHD clinic is used to develop an informed diagnosis through direct observation and information from school personnel and caregivers.
  • Access to the psychiatrist will occur after the child and the caregivers have completed the three required sessions. Because the ADHD clinic is offered twice a month, there will be an opportunity to make up for a missed session.
  • The child’s clinician will review the assessment with the caregivers during an individual contact.
  • Upon completion of the ADHD Clinic, the child will be referred to participate in the Spirited Kid Group, which is held every Monday from 3:15 pm to 4 pm. Participation does not necessarily depend on diagnosis. It is expected that the child diagnosed with ADHD will attend. Caregivers will be expected to attend as scheduled by the group facilitator.


For more information, contact Health Solutions at (719) 583-2207.

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