Health Solutions provides early intervention services to assist those who are experiencing stressful, traumatic, or demanding situations that if not addressed quickly, could turn into a crisis or emergent situation. This is a mobile service reaching out to individuals living in the city and county of Pueblo, Colorado who are in need.

Service Description

The purpose of Mobile Early Intervention Services (MEIS) is to assist individuals who are in a pre-crisis stage. These people are often feeling overwhelmed and dealing with significant stressors that if left unassisted could turn into an emergent situation.

MEIS team members assist people in need to determine choices they have, reinforcing coping skills, and provide links to support networks. Our mobile team provides a face-to-face response to wherever the need is present. This program emphasizes wellness and recovery principals that assist those in need through difficult situations.

Service Goals

  • Help individuals before they reach the crisis stage to avoid emergency departments and hospitalizations with assistance, support, and resources.
  • Assist law enforcement officers, emergency medical technicians, and other first responders with victims who experience a traumatic situation.
  • Assist to de-escalate behavioral health situations that could increase in intensity.
  • When appropriate, work to prevent incarcerations and stigmatization of persons with mental illness.
  • Link individuals to medical, behavioral health, and other community resources as needed.

Who We Serve

This service is available to those living in the city of Pueblo, CO and its immediate surrounding areas. There is no out of pocket fee for this service, but MEIS team will bill insurers when appropriate. We assist children, adolescents, adults and seniors.

This service can be accessed by law enforcement, emergency medical technicians, other first responders, medical and behavioral health care providers, family members, and individuals in need.

Service Days and Hours

This service is offered Monday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. If one is in need of crisis services, the Health Solutions Crisis Department can be reached at (719) 545-2746 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.