23 Hour Observation

Program Purpose and Description

The 23 Hour Observation unit is a crisis stabilization unit that provides supportive outpatient therapy for up to 23 consecutive hours at a time. It is ideal for individuals to stay at the unit for a minimum of 5 hours in order to insure stabilization, however admission to 23 Hour Observation is completely voluntary and individuals are free to leave at will. Once an individual is cleared to leave or decides to leave on their own, they will be discharged. The individual will not be eligible to return to the unit until they have been thoroughly assessed by the Crisis Team.

Our four client beds allow for a relaxing, clean and quiet environment to deal with manageable crises that can occur on any given day.

Admission Criteria

The 23 Hour Observation unit will accept an individual based on the following criteria:

  • Individual is seen by the Health Solutions Crisis Team. The Team rules out the ATU or hospitalization as a suitable treatment modality.
  • Individual should be able to be stabilized and returned to their previous living arrangement with an established plan of care within a 23-hour period.
  • Individual presents psychological symptoms consistent with one or more covered diagnoses listed in the current version of the ICD and DSM manuals.

Exclusion Criteria

The 23 Hour Observation unit will not admit any individuals based on the following criteria:

  • Carries a primary diagnosis of Substance Abuse, Delirium, Dementia, or other Cognitive Disorders, and has no co-occuring mental disorder.
  • Presence of any condition requiring acute inpatient medical or psychiatric care.

Discharge Criteria

Individual will be discharged from 23 Hour Observation who meet the following criteria:

  • No longer meets admission criteria or meets criteria for a more or less intensive level or care.
  • Plan for continuation of services at another level of care has been implemented.

Note: 23 Hour Observation is not for individuals seeking medication management, however if the individual and/or family provides the medication to the nurse on-call then 23 Hour Observation can assist with prescription doses.