Treatment Alternatives Collaboration

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Treatment Alternatives Collaboration Program

Comprehensive mental health and substance abuse treatment services for people involved with the criminal justice system.


The TAC Program at Health Solutions was formed in 2008 after the passage of Senate Bill 97. Funded with Colorado’s tobacco settlement dollars, its goal is to reduce the constantly growing number of people who are incarcerated with a mental illness or a substance abuse problem. The TAC Program provides treatment for mental health and co-occurring substance abuse disorders to individuals who do not have insurance, Medicaid, or other benefits to pay for these services.

Criteria for Participants

    »  Current or recent involvement with the criminal justice system (in jail, charges pending, or on probation/parole).
    » Must be in need of mental health and/or substance abuse treatment.
    » Do not have insurance or other benefits to pay for treatment.
    » Charged with, or on probation for, a misdemeanor crime or non-violent felony.
    » Involved with the criminal justice system as a result of symptoms of mental illness or substance abuse disorders.
    » Are not currently charged with a sexual offense.

Services we Provide

    » Assessment and treatment of mental health and substance abuse problems
    » Individual and group therapy
    » Medication management
    » Case management (to assist with applying for benefits, housing, and employment)
    » Vocational services
    » 24-hour crisis services
    » Advocacy in court for jail diversion, when appropriate
    » Collaboration between treatment providers and the criminal justice system
    » Linkage with mental health treatment services for youth leaving Pueblo Youth Center

TAC Partner Agencies

    » Health Solutions
    » 10th Judicial District Combined Courts
    » Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office
    » 10th Judicial District Attorney
    » Pueblo Police Department
    » 10th Judicial District Probation Department
    » Pueblo Office of the Public Defender
    » Division of Adult Parole – Pueblo Office

Crestone Recovery Program

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