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What is Health Solutions Primary Care?

Health Solutions is a patient-focused total healthcare answer to improved physical and emotional health. Our doctors coordinate a team of professionals to offer you comprehensive care that promotes prevention and celebrates achievements of your own personalized health goals. Our Patient Aligned Leaders (PAL) ensure that you have a wellness coach in every step of your life-long health and happiness plan.  PAL teams are composed of a primary care provider, registered nurse, medical assistant, dependent routine specialist, behavioral health expert and you!

At Health Solutions we pride ourselves in being able to treat the whole-person from preventative care to diagnosis and treatment.  Our plans are crafted with your wishes at heart. Your care journal allows our PAL team to continually monitor your progress through illness, injury, or self-improvement in a simple easy-to-understand guide. Plus, electronic portals help you to communicate directly with your personalized team.

Primary Care Medicine

Primary Care medicine allows you to build a personal relationship with a healing professional that can provide a medical home for all of your health history. Retaining a Health Solutions provider that oversees all of your healthcare options helps you to obtain patient-centered care that is  comprehensive, coordinated, accessible and committed to quality and safety.

Your Personalized Primary Care Program includes:

  • Comprehensive Yearly Executive Physicals
  • Timely Patient Visits that are Never Rushed
  • Same-day or Next-Day Appointments that Start Promptly
  • Recommendations, Referrals, and Appointment Coordination to the Best Network of Specialists
  • Physician Availability for Visiting Friends and Family
  • Detailed Physical and Lab Reporting

Learn More About Your PAL:

Clinical Associate (LPN/ Health Tech/ Medical Assistant):

  • Takes your vital signs (blood pressure, pulse, weight)
  • Discusses your health with you and helps you learn about preventing disease
  • Explain any tests you need and how to prepare for them
  • Offers you recommended immunizations
  • Assist you with medication renewals and consults between visits


  • With your PAL create a personalized health plan
  • Create your health care goals with PAL
  • Call or send a Secure Message, using www.health.solutions, to PAL about your health care
  • Keep your scheduled appointments or cancel them if you cannot make the appointment
  • Notify your PAL of any doctors you see outside our clini

Primary Care Provider:

  • The clinical leader of your PAL team, guides your whole-person health care
  • Works with you and your health care team to make personalized health goals and diagnosis
  • Provides complete physical examinations in including well women and sports evaluations to monitor your overall health
  • Listens to you and helps you figure out which treatment options will work for you
  • Orders medications, blood work, diagnostic tests, and referrals to specialists when needed
  • Orders tests to screen you for preventable illnesses

Registered Nurse (RN) Care Coordinator:

  • The RN is your “go to person” for managing all of your health care needs
  • Is available to speak with you by phone or in person about your health concerns
  • Helps get the right health care providers to see you
  • Provides immediate wound care and pain therapy
  • Consults on heart health, diabetes, nutritional and other educational needs
  • Manages Immunizations and Weight Loss programs
  • Provides you with education on any health related topics

Dependent Routine Specialist:

  • Smoking Cessations
  • Alcohol
  • Marijuana
  • Prescribed Drugs
  • Opiod Use
  • Gambling Disorders

Administrative Clerk:

  • Helps you when you call with questions or directs you to the right team member
  • Schedules or cancels visits with your PAL
  • Calls or writes to you if you miss an appointment
  • Helps you with eligibility, registration and insurance verification

Other team members may include:

  • Pharmacist to help with any medication questions
  • Social Worker to help you cope with illness and get the resources you need
  • Psychologist to help you with healthy behaviors and managing your emotions

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