Why Integrated Health Care?

Health Solutions offers real-time communication between a personalized team of doctors that are selected based on your wellness needs.  Our medical teams routinely have face-to-face meetings so they can discuss your patient care and communicate openly and directly with each other about your lifelong health plan.

This unique approach to medicine allows our patients integrated health care solutions that combine routine clinical practice with traditional healing arts. The result is a new medical experience focused on a patient partnership that supports wellness and healing by positively effecting your well-being.

Health Solutions Integrated Services Allows You to:

  • Improve communication and collaboration amongst your healthcare professionals to receive a highest degree of health success.
  • Share valuable information among the team such as lab results, medications, allergies, life-impacting events, wellness needs, educational needs, and long-term goals and health care objectives.
  • Be preventative focused knowing that shared knowledge among your professional care team can keep you ahead of potential health issues
  • Self-direct your healthcare knowing you are empowered to create goals and guide your team on the health obstacles you face.
  • Manage your healthcare investment in time and finances by achieving shorter wait times to see a professional provider, increased access to your medical team, and reduced costs associated with complex medical systems.

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