Weight Loss

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Weight Loss

Weight can be a major medical issue in overall health and wellness impacting your heart, blood pressure, bones and even infertility. Health Solutions conducts a comprehensive medical evaluation and then partners with you to develop a weight loss plan that meets your lifestyle and goals. Through medical monitoring and peer support, our staff creates an environment that is safe and successful.

Health Solutions Weight Loss Programs offer you a way to:

  • Improve and Control Blood Glucose a Major Preventive Factor for Diabetes
  • Improve Heat Health offsetting Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Levels
  • Encourage Better Quality Sleep Reducing the Risk of Developing Sleep Apnea
  • Improve Mobility and Reduced Joint Pain by Decrease the Amount of Stress on Knees, Hips, and Lower Back
  • Increase Energy and Vitality improving Self Esteem and Lowering the Risk of Depression
  • Improve Fertility with Stronger Sex Drive, Higher Ovulation and Testosterone, Better Pregnancy Rates and Outcomes