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Diabetes Counseling

Although pharmacotherapy is a primary component of diabetes treatment, living with diabetes requires long-term lifestyle adjustments in healthy eating patterns and regular physical activity to maintain progressive health. Nutrition therapy as recommended by the American Diabetes Association plays a key role in treatment success. Health Solutions proudly offers diabetic counseling to assist in building a collaborative treatment plan to help you actively engage in the self-management of your condition.

Our Health Solutions diabetic support team works individually with you in the management of your care to minimize complications that can arise for diabetes, evaluate outcomes, and modify your personalized wellness plan as needed. Your PAL team will consider your age, duration of diabetes, health history, and other present health conditions as they collaborate with you to

Diabetic Counseling includes:

  • Nutritional Adjustments including personal and cultural preferences, access to healthy choices
  • Health literacy and education
  • Assessment of Willingness and ability to make behavioral changes and
  • Ongoing support to overcome change barriers
  • Positive food choice messaging that promotes the pleasure of eating
  • Day-to-day meal planning tools
  • Achieving and maintaining body weight and energy balance goals