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Heart Health

Health Solutions believes in prevention as a cure. Heart Disease is one of the many concerns patients have as they age and in our community we know it is a major factor in enjoying a prolonged lifespan. Regular monitoring and patient education makes Health Solutions a strong partner in heart health.

Since heart health can be effected without a patient realizing it, regular doctor blood pressure checkups are essential.  Your heart and blood vessels maintain a smooth working body function and can be effected  by the smallest changes as we age. Health Solutions staff is here to help you build a heart-healthy lifestyle that can help you avoid or delay heart illness.

Age can affect your heart by:

  • Stiffening blood vessels
  • Thickening of the heart wall
  • Thickening or stiffening heart valves
  • Heart sections may change in size
  • Other diseases like thyroid or cancer can weaken the heart
  • Family history

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