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Health Solutions Whole Person Healthcare

The world is changing and through major advances in medicine people are living longer.  With shifts in longevity, that also means that people are living longer with medical conditions like heart disease and diabetes.  As more people learn to live with changes in their health, a large majority are in search for individualized treatment.

Health Solution’s whole person healthcare is a shift in thinking that adjusts to our changing lifestyles and allows flexible care that not only addresses the physical symptoms, but also the emotional changes that health adjustments create. Whole person healthcare sees that we are human and recognizes that we may have emotional  shifts that are attached to our change in physical care especially as we age.

At the heart of our vision, Health Solution’s whole person care guarantees:

  • Single Point of Contact for All Healthcare Needs
  • Access to Peer Support with Other People with the Similar Condition(s)

Health Solutions Diagnosis and Treatment

Health Solutions employs well skilled medical professionals that can diagnose and treat physical symptoms you may be experiencing. Our providers offer careful physical examinations and thoroughly discuss your medical history to ensure proper steps are taken to maximize a full recovery.  Testing, x-rays, blood work and other medical examination tools may be used to correctly identify the source of your concern.

Once a diagnosis is determined, Health Solutions Team consult with you to offer you a well-thought-out treatment plan that gives you the best opportunity for healing success and recovery.

Health Solutions treatment plans may include:

  • Prescription Medication
  • Outside Specialty Referral
  • Nutrition
  • Nontraditional Healing Recommendations


Getting ahead in life requires a healthy lifestyle design. At Health Solutions we offer positive coaching that can rally your inner strengths and pair it with external resources to get you sustainable life-altering change. Our experts work with you to develop self-led goals as they relate to health and well-being. Wellness programs can also significantly assist with current health conditions helping you to better manage symptom-induced changes to improve your health status.

Once your goals are set, our staff empowers you with a team of professionals skilled in psychology, brain science, intuitive listening and habit changing processes that foster balance and confidence. Our trained coaches offer continuing educational and operational tools that fit your learning style and schedule; creating a catalyst that drives your ability to live the life you desire.

Health Solutions Wellness Programs include:

  • Physician Led Weight Loss
  • Exercise Therapy
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Substance Use

Annual Physicals/Sports Exams

Having regular visits with a Health Solutions trained medical expert helps your provider develop a standard of care as it relates to your personal  development. This allows our trained specialists to better identify emerging problems as early as possible in a safe, confidential environment. Routine exams are a great time to discuss good health habits and safe living as well.  Providers assess normal body development  including height, weight, blood pressure and heart rate.

Yearly Physicals and Sports Exams review:

  • Basic Check of all Vital Signs
  • Orthopedic Exam including Spine, Joint, and Ligaments
  • Annual Wellness Screenings
  • Safe Sports Participation
  • Review of Past Medical History
  • Seasonal and Medication Allergies
  • Healthy Eating and Physical Activity
  • Relationship Issues
  • Birth Control and Sexual Activity

Well Child Checks

Well Child Checks are regular visits during which a health care provider assesses your child’s health and development, and screens for certain conditions. As your child grows, it’s helpful to know that their development is on track. They are also the perfect time for your child’s provider to answer any questions you may have regarding their well-being. This short, free appointment can keep your child happy and healthy into adolescence and adulthood.

A Well Child Check includes:

  • A Complete Physical Exam
  • Biometric Screenings
  • A Vision and Hearing Screening
  • Discussion of Wellness Topics
  • Immunizations as Needed

Women’s Health

From adolescence to menopause, women’s healthcare can experience a variety of changes. Regular routine wellness visits can ensure your provider can sense whether your individual development is progressing positively.  Annual exams are important to ensure positive sexual health and satisfaction, normal fertility and uncomplicated pregnancy and child birth. Periodic health assessments are a crucial part of promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Women’s Health Exams Cover:

  • General Physical Exam
  • Birth Control
  • Breast Exam
  • Pelvic Exam
  • Pap Test
  • Review of Vaccinations

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