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The same strategy that built our success is what we apply to the leaders we build within our organization. We realize that there are many roads that can take you where you want to go in life.  Health Solutions simplifies choice and makes your company selection easy by offering the best benefits, strongest leaders, and extensive work opportunities in the Southern Colorado  health care field today.  Health Solutions is a partner in your career success and we encourage our employees to work with us to develop a growth strategy that is personal and professional.

As a standard practice, Health Solutions wants to be on the leading edge to services and programs to encourage growth among all of our patients and employees.  We employ a full-time staff development manager who watches the industry and improves ways to help each employee with a custom growth strategy within their chosen field of practice.

Two week orientation ensures you get a great welcome into our organization while regular brown bag employee sessions allow for you to integrate as a part of our team.

Containing education units are regularly  invested into by the company and certain clinical licensures are often growth opportunities the company will assist with.  Find time to visit with our staff and learn more about how Health Solutions is a partner in your career path success.

Employee Benefits

We want you to be confident in our company and confident on the job. Our employee compensation programs are some of the best in the health care field giving you piece of minds for every part of your life.

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Health Solutions goal is to help you build a career map that assists you on becoming a respected leader in your profession. This is more than just a job, it’s a legacy of health and wellness we are building in our community.

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Health Solutions is looking for the best talent in the healthcare industry. If you want to be part of a fast growing organization then we invite you to apply online now.

Beyond traditional benefits like shown above, Health Solutions thrives on positive, well-balanced employees who treat their patients with unparalleled care. Besides offering a bountiful basic benefits package, employees are welcomed to get involved in company staff developments, health fairs, clubs, family-focused team building events and healthy living educational opportunities.

NOTE: Benefits eligibility periods vary. Some benefits include employee co-payments. Interview candidates will receive detailed benefit and eligibility information during the interview process. Feel free to contact us with questions.